- behind the scenes

I wanted to do something to get us out of this fall funk… So we went on vacation to the LAST RESORT with availability, packed our bags, and began our shoot.


After meeting Star at a fashion show, I knew I had to get her in front of my camera. She didn’t disappoint. She is truly a star.


Being a model is hard… constantly being fondled over by hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, stylists, photographers, assistants…. thanks to everyone who made beauty day a success.


Nothing gold can stay… not even an hour… SUMMERTIME SADNESS shot exclusively for iMirage Magazine BTS video by Montana Tantum.


BTS with Makeup Forever Academy shooting beauty stills.


BTS with Flower Beauty.


When Jari Jones and Yanece are together, things are bound to get a little hot.


Aaron shoots a model for AT HOME & GARDEN.


Check out my cameo from my shoot PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE featuring Desmond is Amazing on CNN’s GREAT BIG STORY! Thank you again for including us in such a special way.


PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE pays homage to the motherfuckers, the trailblazers, the trannies and the queers who threw the first bricks and paved the way for us today to continue their fight for equality for all genders and all races.


We shot this during the dog days of summer… by the end of the shoot the girls had sweat through their make up, so we cooled off with a water balloon fight.


AMERICANT DREAM follows a millennial couple struggling to “Keep up with the Kardashians” echoing their parents desire to keep up with the Joneses.


Aaron and DESMOND IS AMAZING! team up for this exclusive OUT editorial.


A FEW GOOD MEN is a tribute to our soldiers on the 4th of July.


Aaron testing a model.


Aaron in studio shooting PRESENT/PROMISE - FUTURE/THREAT.


Aaron prepares his speak-easy studio space in SoHo.


Mark Beard opens his studio and allows us to record his process.


AMERICAN GOTHIC speaks for the oppressed.  Women's bodies.  Women's rights. 


A FAMILY AFFAIR takes an intimate look at loves tragedies as the relationship falls apart. 


SHE'S A DOLL ponders the question, "Is real life everything it's cracked up to be?"


SEXY THINGS is about feeling sexy inside and out, even if you're not a model.


CINDERELLA REDUX was an exploration of feminism told through the lens of a fairy tale we all know so well.  Prince Charming is a myth. Make your own happy ending.  


NEW RELIGION was an inventory of my self and my self esteem.  I saw some graffiti art that read, 'FUCK GOD - BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!' and that made me think about god creating man and man creating god.  Be your own god.  


THE COOL KIDS took me back, way back to high school.  I was bullied a lot by the same kids that I desperately tried to be friends with.  Bullying isn't cool.  Whether you're in middle school or your mid-thirties, we all know right from wrong.  


DANCE WITH THE DARK was a return to the struggle every person deals with, straight or gay, how do I outwardly dress and express myself so that I remain most authentic?  Be yourself.  Trust your gut.  Always.