what is love?

I don’t know why I approach everything like it’s a love story.  Maybe it’s due to pop culture. Taylor Swift constantly singing about her many mistakes.  E-Harmony ads reminding me that love is only a click away.  Tinder encouraging me to swipe until I match.  Or maybe it was my lack of love growing up.  My parents fighting until the sun came up.  My dad throwing back a few (or more) beers, then throwing punches.  My mom the punching bag.  My dad a shining beacon of testosterone.  Thanks Mom.  Thanks Dad.  I don’t know how to love myself or let someone else love me.  

But there has to be something to “it.”  Love.  Examining pop culture, aren’t most things about love in one form or the other?  What is love? Why is it so hard to find?  And when we find it, why can’t we be happy?  It feels like such a base thing. 


I hear a love song on the radio and I can instantly recall the boy that I was in love with at the time.  I can recall in intimate detail the dates we went on.   Where we went.  What we did.  I can remember the fights.  The making up.  The breaking up.  It rips me open.  I’m in tears.  Fuck you Adele reminding me that, “We could have had it all… Rolling in the deep.”  

In Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Interstellar, his driving theme is that love transcends time and space.  What does physics say about love?  Not much.  There are no definable rules or laws regarding an emotional state.  It appears that as a people, we can put men on the moon, televise the Olympics to outer space, but we cannot figure out love. 

Science, technology, knowledge and information all grow exponentially of each other.  The more we learn about one thing, the more we continue to discover.  Each new fact building on the next.  But what do we know about love?  

Perhaps love is such a complex thing that it’s almost impossible to map.  “You Are Here” wanting to be there.  With out google maps guiding you, would you know how to find your destination?  Even Google has a few blips and glitches, or obstacles if you will.  

Writing this, to you, reduces me to tears. 

Yes, love is complex and difficult and hard and nearly impossible and sometimes elusive and fleeting and over too fast, but its also beautiful and fulfilling and rewarding and amazing and validating and inspiring and hopeful.  To love another person is to see the face of god. 

 Such weight has been placed on such an immeasurable thing.  What is love?  Baby don’t hurt me.  But seriously, it’s such a complex thing.  Emotion.  State.  Idea.  Ask 100 different people, “What is love?” You'll get 100 different answers.  Maybe not.  I don’t know.  I didn’t ask.  Because love is so immeasurable and has so many definitions and forms it becomes almost impossible to figure out. 

I guess that’s why I approach everything like it’s a potential love story, because I don’t want to miss it.  And I often don’t recognize it until it’s too late. It plays such a crucial role in my life, I tattooed the word on my finger.  To love.  To be loved.  Risk.  Fall.  Fail.  Love.  Lost.  

Here goes…

aaron williams