strange strangers

not sure how i feel about that.  i mean, sure, seeing you was kind of weird.  it’s been what?  fuck, like, almost two years now.  holy shit has it been that long?  i remember you like it was yesterday.  you brought me flowers on my birthday.  you drove up from pennsylvania to spend the night with me.  i buzzed you up.  opened the door.  there you were.  with flowers.  they were the cheap kind.  dyed blue.  they were ugly as shit.  i couldn’t help myself from smiling.  

thinking about it now, i can’t help myself from cyring.  fuck.  i thought i was over you.  over this. 

how can you tell someone you love him then disappear?  how can you say, “yes,” to aguy on his knees then change your name? how could i be so naive?  i was 30.  you 24.  how strange it is that after all that we’re strangers again.

aaron williams