so crazy right now

i call it art.  you call it being an emotional exhibitionist.  beyonce says, ‘you got me looking so crazy my baby,’ and that couldn't have been more true.  you’re love’s got the best of me.  i loved you more than life and god knows how i love my life…  i loved you.  now your love’s got me looking so crazy right now. 

you asked that i see a therapist.  so i did.  i’d do anything you told me.  s&m.  but that’s another song.  i was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.  boom.  

i was.  i am.  crazy.  

until the pills kicked in of course but by then you were gone leaving me to go mad all over again.  i thought if anyone would understand this disorder it would have been you.  you being in The Original Broadway Cast of Next to Normal.  notice i capitalized that.  a musical about being batshit, bi-polar crazy.  

why didn’t you stay?


aaron williams