i get high on you.  so literally.  when i was with you we’d both get stoned out our heads and i’d fall deeper in love with you.  i’d sometimes hallucinate and thought i saw three iterations of us. you know, like in previous lives, we’d been able to find each other before?

i thought you were number 3.  we made 5 + 1 promises to each other totaling six.  i told myself that 6 was our magic number.  that at 6 we’d finally become one soul.  i’d get so high i thought i saw the face of god shine down on us.  

you didnt believe any of it, but i know what i saw and i know what i felt.  

here i am three months later smoking more and more listening for your call.  trying desperately to hear your voice calling my name, to see your body standing in fornt of me.  i smoke so much i see your face and i lost it.  i miss you so badly. 

aaron williams