love song

i dont know just how it happened…  i let down my guard.  swore id never fall in love again but i fell hard.  guess i should i have seen it coming, caught me by surprise, i wasn't looking where i was going and i fell into your eyes.  you came into my crazy world like a cook and cleansing wave.  before i knew what hit me you were flowing through my veins.

i’ve always said love is a drug and we’re all fucking junkies.  l.o.v.e. beats any letter of the drug alphabet.  c.g.k.t. all of it.  nothing compares.

and words are flowing out like endless rain into a papercup…  words like i love you.  what does this mean?  nothings gonna change my world.  nothings gonna change my world…  

but i never loved no body fully.  always one foot on the ground.  but now here you are, the ground beneath my feet.  our relationship was built from the ground up.  my feet were always on the ground when i met you because i never expected it to be you.  

but it is you.  i found you.  

oh i know that i am here and you are there but we still have our love.  we move just like the moon and sun.  the sun comes up. the moon rolls down. a world a part but they dont make a sound. they know their love spins us round.  I've been to heaven.  I've been to hell.  I've been to vegas and god knows where.  but nothing feels like home like you babe, i love you more than you will ever know.  


take this sinking boat and point it home we’ve still got time. raise your hopeful voice you have achoice you've made it now.  falling slowly.  now we can’t go back.  you have suffored enough at war with yourself, it’s time that you’ve won.  take this sinking boat and point it home.  we’ve got time. 

i love you.  i loved you then.  i’ll love you always.  


aaron williams