is this you?

like all great romances, we met by chance.  i was, of course, was sitting in starbucks.  working.  completely absorbed with color balancing the boy that stared back at me from my laptop.  it was fashion week.  i had deadlines.  i was interrupted when a friend tapped my shoulder.  turning to talk i caught you staring.  i smiled politely.  you smiled politely.  our eyes did more than smile.  

then i saw it.  you had this light.  it mirrored my own.  unsure of what to do next, i made a face.  a funny face.  tongue out.  lips furled.  eyes crossed.  somewhere, miley cyrus sat green with envy over that face.  my face.  you laughed and looked away.  that’s when i knew i was yours.

i returned my attention to work.  dodge and burn.  color blend.  clone.  technologic.  closing my laptop the blond boy turns off and you turn on.  hello you said.  there was a nervous tone in your voice.  uncertainty.  your voice cracked.  you laughed hurriedly and looked down.  submissive.   this was in the bag before i opened my mouth.

you didn’t back down.  recovering quickly you smiled.  i laughed.  all eyes on us.  even fairytale characters would be jealous.         

aaron williams