as night descends

this.  reaching for what does not exist.  making a start and then dismissed.  staring through time that has no worth.  no care for death.  no care for birth.  there is a time for waning.  time to learn. and time still left to watch it burn as night descends.  

why begin?  when everything ends.  staring at pictures in the frame.  people who used share a name.  building a home where you can sleep. something you earn something you keep.  so many years to make the life you choose now you have to have to lose as night descends. 

why be here when everything is a lie and this why?  wake up when everything comes and goes.  moves and slows.  lives and dies.  before your eyes.  run and kick and fight and force it. and i will and he will. 

and i wont say no to this night descent.  you lied.  you said this was never going to end . you lied.  you said.  this was never going to… never going to end.  never going to… never. 


aaron williams