are you out there?

sometimes i wonder if youre out there.  i mean think about it.  as a people we’ve explored our solar system and ventured into outer space with out a single sign of alien life.  are you out there?  

yes, i know you are.  i feel your gravitational pull.  i know you’re out there, somewhere looking for me just as i am looking for you.  ill pass a stranger on the street and we’ll lock eyes and just for a moment i wonder, “Is this you?” occasionally, i’ll even feel my heart ping as we pass each other.  a shift in earth’s axis.  you.  

for this reason and this reason alone i know you’re out there.  

there were a few instances that i thought i’d found you.  i got close once.  so close.  but i told you early on, you weren’t mine, that you didn’t belong to me.  i think i ultimately knew that, but i decided to fall in love with you anyway.  it had been so long since i had been wanted or wanted another the way i wanted you. 

fast forward to now.  it’s been three months since we’ve broken up.  i’m over you, but i still love you.  


full circle.  


aaron williams