98% match

My self summary:

I'm from Uruguay, but I've lived in New York for over 8 years. Double majored in Psychology and Marketing at NYU (Class of 2009). Currently getting a Biotechnology Certificate from Columbia, which will hopefully turn into a masters in 2016 or 2017!

Long-term oriented and I want to have babies eventually.

I want someone who can go to the Met, smoke a blunt while ordering Domino's, can be my gym buddy/spotter (love lifting), has good moral values, and is a sexy mofo. Too much?

PS: these are deal-breakers:

1) If you think creationism should be taught in schools.

2) If your life revolves around Kim Kardashian, E!, and the like.

3) You lack confidence. Confidence is, by far, the biggest turn-on for me.

I'm into tall muscular guys with beards, but I also like tall skinny guys who can't grow facial hair. Attraction is based on a bunch of factors, but good looks certainly help!

What I’m doing with my life:

I shoot: Photography

I write: Random Crap

I sing: Just Because

I’m really good at:

Those who know me really well say I should act, because I have countless "characters" up my sleeve. I do angry black woman really well and Dominican latino.

The six things I can never do without:


Close friends


Good Food


Sense of humor

The most private thing I’m willing to admit:

I have a massive ass, and regardless of how much I try, I cannot seem to get rid of my love handles. Body conditioning tips are welcome.

You should message me if:

You are intelligent, attractive, can sustain yourself financially, understand basic science, have a fantastic sense of humor, and are naturally masculine.

I have a weakness for Scottish, Irish, Australian (and NZ). and British accents



aaron williams